Travel bursaries


We are pleased to announce the two winners of the HASlibcamp travel bursaries:

  • Suzannah Bridge
  • Andy Mabbett

Suzannah is an Information Assistant at ScHARR, the School of Health and Related Research in the University of Sheffield. She is currently studying for her MA in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield. Suzannah is a co-founder of the Future Library and Information Professionals (FLIP) Network. She runs her own blog and can be found tweeting as @suzannahbridge.

Andy is a Freelance Wikipedia & digital media consultant. He has been a Wikipedian- or Wikimedian-in-Residence in various organisations, including the Birmingham Science Museum, the Royal Society of Chemistry and ORCID. He runs his own blog and tweets as @pigsonthewing.

Suzannah and Andy will be tweeting about HASlibcamp on the day and will also blog about the event.

The bursaries have been made possible by our generous sponsors CHILL and UKEiG.